Kon Tiki Floating Bar

My wife and I recently spent a week at Sandals Grande Antigua (one of our favorite resorts).  We stayed in a Mediterranean Oceanview Penthouse One Bedroom Butler Suite.  We have stayed at Sandals Grande Antigua many times in the past and the resort continues to impress us each time we go, including this stay.  The oceanview from our huge patio in the Mediterranean Village was awesome.  For the first view days we would look from our patio and comment on the floating tiki bar we could see in the distance.  You can see it slightly in the picture below.


After several days of endulging in great food, drink, scuba diving, a catamaran cruise and more we decided it was time to walk the beach and check out the tiki bar we had been looking at.  We went with a couple of friends we had met at the resort.  Turn left at the beach and after a few minutes we were there.  This is when we saw the surf board sign and that instucted us to wave the flag for a free ride to the floating bar.


The girls waved the flag and we saw the boat start up and head our way.  The driver was wearing a pirate hat and safely brought us to the floating tiki bar.


And then.... THE PARTY BEGAN!  We met the owners Johnny and Emma.  They made us some great rum punch.


Now here is the crazy part.  We were staying at Sandals Resorts which has unlimited all-inclusive drinks and you are not allowed to tip the bartenders.  And the drinks at Sandals are great!  Due to that we didn't plan on spending too much time at the Kon Tiki.  And then a few more people started to arrive and we made a bunch of new friends.  You know it's a fun bar when our short stay turned in to almost 2 hours!


We swam, we drank, we made new friends.


Below is a picture looking back at Sandals Grande Antigua to give you an idea of how close it is.


The sun began to set and we decided it was time to make it back to shore before the sun went down.


We had a great time at the Kon Tiki Floating Bar.  Thanks to Johnny and Emma for a great visit.  For guests at staying at Sandals Grande, take a short walk down the beach and enjoy the local floating bar.